General Informations

Our hotel is in close proximity of the Düsseldorf University Medical Centre which is one of the most important medical centres of the area. In 1907, the Düsseldorf Medical Academy was founded. Many famous medical doctors and researchers, for example Franz Grosse-Brockhoff, Ernst Derra, Franz Loogen and Gustav-Adolf von Harnack worked at the former municipal hospital. Due to their efforts, this hospital achieved an excellent regional and international reputation. On the one hand, the Düsseldorf University Medical Centre has attained international credit for its high standard of patient care. On the other hand, it is a well-known place of research and attractive for medical doctors, researchers and students from all over the world.

Today, the Düsseldorf University Medical Centre consists of 29 medical units and 30 medical institutes.  About 42.000 patients are treated here every year. The outpatients´ departments  perform about 300.000 medical treatments per year. For in-patient treatments, about, 1.100 beds are held in readiness.