22 Dec

Thriller – Live

Michael Jackson was and is a phenomenon. With his music and unmistakable dance style he is still one of the most successful and influential artists worldwide.

He sold 750 million phonograms, rose with four albums from zero in first place in the US charts and closed in 1991 with Sony from the highest-paid record deal ever. The tribute show “Thriller – Live” follows the path of this unprecedented career in more than 30 songs: from the first successes with the Jackson 5 like “ABC” or “Can You Feel It” to world hits like “Bad” and “Billie Jean” until to the songs from his legendary sixth studio album “Thriller”, the best-selling album of all time. In the production of the London West End, which will be held from 8 to 13 January in the Capitol Theater, various singers, dancers and live musicians will revive the stage phenomenon Michael Jackson.

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Image Pexels

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