20 Jun

19. Düsseldorfer Frankreichfest

It grows and grows. “La fête française”, the festival of Franco-German friendship, this year stretches just under a kilometer from Burgplatz to almost the Rheinkniebrücke. In 2001 the event started with ten exhibitors. Meanwhile, there are 120, some of whom have come a long way from Toulouse, Provence or Alsace to offer their specialties and hand-made products in Dusseldorf. And one thing is certain: at the France Festival there are only original French products – only the Altbier is an exception. The heart of the festival beats in the courtyard of the town hall. In addition to gourmet stalls there is a stage where artists like Dom Colmé, a veteran of the French chanson, and the duo Mariluce from Nantes perform. L.E.J. – short for Lucie, Élisa and Juliette – are considered megastars in France. They present their mix of world music, rap, pop and classical influence there on July 5 from 20:30 clock.

for more informationen: http://www.duesseldorfer-frankreich-fest.de/

Picture Pexels

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