Königsallee “Kö”

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What would Düsseldorf be without the KÖ? Düsseldorf’s Königsallee is more than a shopping street – it is a figurehead, gem and international brand. Lovingly called “Kö” by the people of Düsseldorf, it shapes the reputation of the city as an elegant shopping destination. Lined with numerous chestnuts, the Kö stands for a sophisticated lifestyle.
Here your will find the “who is who” of the fashion industry. Numerous flagship stores, small boutiques, luxury jewelers and impressive shopping malls invite you to stroll. Upon request, a personal shopper will accompany and advise you on your journey through the diverse shopping landscape of Düsseldorf. The numerous sidewalk cafés also make it possible to linger comfortably, true to the motto “Seeing and being seen”.

The Kö has become the first address for luxury hotels. Here you will find the Breidenbacher Hof, the Steigenberger Parkhotel and the InterContinental. All three houses carry five stars with the suffix “Superior”.

History of the Königsallee

In 1802, in the course of the redesign of the site, court architect Huschberger was commissioned to build a spacious moat with avenue instead of the existing fortifications. As early as 1804, the new facility was completed. The excavation of a 31-meter-wide and 5-meter-deep moat necessitated the diversion of the Düssel River for irrigation. At the suggestion of garden master Weyhe trees were planted along the moat. Two wooden bridges leading over the Allegra are provided with guardhouses to raise customs. Because of their trees, this road was later called Kastanienallee.
The origin of her present name is just as legendary as she herself: after a horse-apple design on King Frederick William IV (1848) she was renamed as “reparation” of Kastanienallee in Königsallee.

Since June 2014, there is a road partnership between the luxurious shopping addresses “Königsallee” and “Avenue Montaigne” in Paris. This means that both roads are not only closer to each other in terms of fashion, but the cooperation between Paris and Düsseldorf has strengthened the international significance of both luxury miles. This alliance is filled with life through cooperation of local hotels and joint actions of the two boulevards and successfully brought into the world as a unified business card.

An innovative project that creates synergies in the perception of the outside world, promotes intercultural exchange and thus further enhances the popularity of Düsseldorf’s luxury street.


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