Rhine Promenade

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It is considered one of the most beautiful – the Dusseldorf Rhine promenade. Designed by architect Niklaus Fritschi and laid out between 1990 and 1997, it has led the city back to the Rhine and has since become the second prominent Düsseldorf shopping boulevard in addition to the traditional Königsallee. The Rheinuferpromenade symbolizes the Rhenish zest for life of the people of Düsseldorf and, especially in summer, is an expression of the mediterranean lifestyle of the city. While the traffic in the Rheinufer tunnel is roaring beneath the blue serrated stones, the boules balls roll up and the Düsseldorfers practice themselves in idleness.

The Rhine promenade connects the traditional Old Town with the modern Media Harbor and is lined with cafés and bars. From here you can watch the passing Rhine ships relaxed.

Find out more about Düsseldorf’s special relationship with the Rhine on our city tour “Düsseldorf – City on the Rhine”.

History of the Rhine promenade

With the installation of the new promenade in front of the Rhine front of the old town an old dream of the Düsseldorfers came true: the return of the city to the Rhine. This was only possible through the laying down of the Rheinuferstraße. For decades, the road running through more than 55,000 vehicles a day along the B1 has become an insurmountable barrier between city and electricity. Against this background, improving the quality of life and calming traffic to large parts of the city center had been the focus of all planning considerations in the construction of this century-old project from the very beginning.

Over a length of 1,928 m, the most important inner-city north-south connection was laid underground in a constructive and financial effort. 570 million DM flowed into the project. On the cover of the tunnel was the promenade, which extends from the Oberkasseler bridge along the old town front over 1.5 km to the state parliament. Pedestrian and cycle paths, 600 plane trees and plenty of space for strolling and idleness characterize the new Rhine front of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. As an absolute “in-meeting” has now established the large outside staircase on Burgplatz. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the passing ships and the sunset over the left bank of the Upper Kassel. With 1.2 million color dots, Prof. Hermann-Josef Kuhna has given the side walls of the staircase and the neighboring bastion a colorful design accompanied by great public sympathy.


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