Castle Benrath

One of the most beautiful garden castles of the 18th century is located in the south of Düsseldorf. Designed and built by architect Nicolas de Pigage between 1756 and 1773, Benrath Castle initially served as a pleasure and hunting lodge for Elector Carl Theodor. Today, the ensemble, in its artistic unity of buildings, interiors and 60-acre gardens, is considered one of the rare Rococo works of art that have become rare in Europe.

The castle buildings are completely preserved with the main building, the eastern and western cavalier wings, the two gatehouses and four guardhouses. In addition to the visit of the main castle (Corps de Logis), with its exhibits (furniture, porcelain, paintings, etc.) gives an impression of the courtly life of the second half of the 18th century, worth a visit to the “Museum of Natural History” and of the “Museum of European Garden Art” in the west or east wing of the castle. The baroque park adjoining the banks of the Rhine was also designed by Nicolas de Pigage.

Museum of Garden Art
In this museum, unique in the world, sculptures, sculptures, paintings, prints, porcelain, bibliophile books, models and modern media are presented in styles and themes of garden art that are grouped together in the style of the maison de plaisance in Benrath. The spectrum ranges from the villa idea to the locus amoenus of antiquity to the Italian Renaissance, from the baroque representation to the English landscape garden.

Natural History Museum
The natural area from the Rhine to the Bergisches Land, from the Wupper to the Ruhr, is the main theme of the museum. During a “hike” from the Rheinstrom uphill through the terrace landscape shaped by the river, the flora and fauna of the region are presented.

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